Manila Ocean Park


By April 2007, the Manila Ocean Park is already under construction. It was initially set to open in December 15, 2007 but[1] the opening date was then moved to February 24, 2008.[2] The facility opened in March 2008.[3]

E.R. Hitosis and Associates was involved in the construction management of the Manila Ocean Park.[4]

The main attraction of Manila Ocean Park is the Oceanarium which houses 14,000 sea creatures from about 277 species all of which is indigenous in Southeast Asia. The Oceanarium has seven sections and its main feature is the 25 metres (82 ft) 220° curved walkway tunnel. The water used in the Oceanarium is derived from the Manila Bay which is filtered to be suitable to marine life. It also has an educational activity area, function rooms for events, and shark and stingray viewing area situated in two levels. The Jellies Exhibit, a separate attraction hosts jellyfishes. The Back of the House features information on the operation of the facility itself.[5]

The Manila Ocean Park also hosts the Trails to Antarctica which features Humboldt penguins, the Birds of Prey Kingdom which features Brahminy kites and the World of Creepy Crawlies which exhibits frogs, insects, spiders, and worms.[5]

Services were also offered to patrons such as the Mermaid Swim Experience where visitors are taught to swim while wearing a costume mermaid tail, Underwater diving, Fish Spa, and rides on a boat with a glass bottom. Shows such as the Sea Lion Show and All Star Bird Show is performed inside the Manila Ocean Park. The Symphony is a performance involving fountains that shoots water 40 metres (130 ft) high supplemented with multimedia effects is also among the attractions of the Manila Ocean Park.[5]



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